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Aqua Pros' Helpful Spring Swimming Pool and Opening Tips 2017


Pool Season is almost here and Aqua Pros Annual Pool Chemical Sale is Going on now through April 15th!  Save 10% on your season's chemicals through April 15th!  The really great thing is that when you open, Aqua Pros extends the same discount to all your pool chemical needs at your opening.  If you only need balancers then get 10% off balancers.  If your pool's a swamp, get 10% off everything to clear it up.  Either way, you win with this "pool opening insurance"

The Aqua Pros Advantage
Save Money: As the area’s largest Platinum BioGuard pool and spa chemical retailer, Aqua Pros has the advantage to get you the best value possible for all your BioGuard pool and spa chemicals.  Aqua Pros’ customers appreciate our experienced, highly trained professionals testing their pool or spa water and the free print out that clearly details how to treat their pool or spa, for the best possible results.   Save 15% on a season’s chemicals when you purchase before April 1st or 10% after, through April 15th.  In addition to that, those who take advantage of the Seasons Chemical Savings will also save the Same Savings on everything they need for their opening!  DO NOT ADD ANYTHING to your pool before we test it at opening.  Circulate your water for 24 hours, bring us a sample, and whatever your pool needs, get the same 10 or 15 percent discount on all your spring opening needs, and whatever else you want that visit!
Save Time: It takes about 10 minutes to stop into any Aqua Pros, get your water sample analyzed, and have a simple explanation how to treat your pool or spa with BioGuard products.
Aqua Pros and BioGuard Alex software take the guesswork out of pool care and save you money and time.
Our service technicians are also well trained and friendly.  We're like family to a lot of our customers, so give us a try and see for yourself that Aqua Pros is the place for savings on all your pool and spa supplies.

Aqua Pros' and BioGuard’s True Blue Promise
Purchase your Season’s Chemicals using a BioGuard 3 Step Chlorine Program and Optimizer Plus and/or Pool Complete.  Not only will you save up to 15% on all your spring start-up chemicals, and season’s chemicals, you qualify for our True Blue Promise.    If your pool gets algae in-season, we’ll give you a one time treatment for the algae!

Helpful Reminders from the Pros
Schedule Your Pool Opening Soon! 
Call, Stop in, or email us to set up your pool opening.

Aqua Pros 21 Point Opening Checklist is our guarantee that your pool will be opened in the most professional manner possible.  Purchase your Season’s Chemicals before April 1st with a Level II Opening and save enough to pay for your opening! 
Mid-Winter Pool Treatment: Stop into your nearest Aqua Pros and get a mid-winter pool treatment.  Its been an unseasonably warm winter and you don’t want to open to a swamp.  We suggest treating your pool with a shock and algae treatment immediately to help prevent opening to a bad surprise.
$100 DOLLAR Reward
: If you’re a Season’s Chemical Customer, when you refer a friend to buy their Season’s Chemicals from us or have us open their pool, you’ll get a $100 Store Credit (offer applies only to an Aqua Pros Season’s Chemical or regular customer)!

Sand Filters: Filter sand should be changed every 3-5 years (annually on a Biguanide pool). 
SAVE $50 on a sand change at opening.  Only $95 labor for a residential sand change when ordered with an opening.  Regular price $145! 
is a great alternative to sand on chlorinated pools.  Talk to one of our associates for details to see if Zeobrite is right for your sand filter.

Switch to a Cartridge Filter: Cartridge filters are a great method of filtration and we at Aqua Pros think they do such a great job, we start all our new pools out with a Cartridge filter.  Here's why: Cartridge filters have as much as twice the flow rate as a sand filter and filter particles more than half the size a sand filter captures.  Cartridge filters have as much as 3 Times the Flow Rate of conventional sand filters and can save you on your operating costs.  Cartridge filters have no moving parts to wear out, no laterals to break, and never get backwashed.   Backwashing a sand filter dumps as much as 200-300 gallons from a residential pool each time.  There's no backwashing a cartridge filter.  Cartridge filters simply get rinsed off when they get dirty and need cleaning, unless they get unusual amounts of oil in them in which case, they'd need a degrease treatment. 
When to Replace Cartridge Filters: If your cartridge filter is over two years old, and/or the element is not still white in appearance, its probably in need of replacing.  If it was not cleaned last fall, degrease with Strip Kwik and Klean It.  Always have an extra cartridge (or set) on hand for when you clean it/them.  Cartridge filters must be allowed to dry after they’ve been chemically cleaned.         

D.E. Filters: Always degrease any filter before cleaning scale or any mineral deposits.

Pump Replacement
If your swimming pool’s pump is in need of replacement this spring, ask the Aqua Pros experts about a Pentair Variable Speed Pump.  Variable speed pumps save you significantly on operating your swimming pool by running at lower speeds throughout the day or night, when the pool is not in use, saving you money.  The Pentair SuperFlo VS or the Intelliflow VS are 2 variable speed pumps designed to save money on pool operation. 

Liner Replacement or Pool Resurfacing/Replastering
Aqua Pros is holding prices on new liners!  Save now by ordering new liners at last season’s prices. 
If you're pool's vinyl liner is 10 years old or more, its time to consider changing it.  Take advantage of special spring offers and upgrades before they expire.  Order a new liner or pool resurfacing and get 10% off new pool equipment including: Saltwater pool systems, including BioGuard Mineral Springs Systems, Pentair Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Heat pumps.  We’ll also open your pool at no additional charge while we’re there.  Get details when you order.

Salt Water Systems: If you've considered a Salt Water system, at liner change is the ideal time to do it!  

IMPORTANT BULLETIN REGARDING SALT SYSTEMS AND ELECTROLYSIS:  To prevent damage to any metals in contact with the pool water in a salt water pool, such as heaters, we recomend installing a sacrificial Zinc Anode. 

10% OFF Automatic Pool Cleaners!
The Dolphin M-4 robotic cleaner is getting rave reviews from owners because it saves time and money.  Save time when the cleaner is vacuuming and sweeping your pool for you.  Save money because our robotic cleaners not only scrub your pool surface, the debris they vacuum is captured inside their internal filter, instead of your pool filter, which would then have to be backwashed or cleaned.  Getting debris out of your pool and filter saves chemicals, saves money.   Because of the many benefits of the Dolphin M-4, you can actually reduce pump operating time by using it to its full advantage. 

Save 10% OFF any pool cleaner with the purchase of your season's chemicals. 

Aqua Pros 21 Point Opening Checklist is our guarantee that your pool will be opened in the most professional manner possible.  Bob Davis found 21 points in a pool opening that must be addressed for a pool to be properly opened.

CALL NOW or ORDER ONLINE TO SCHEDULE Service or a Pool Opening.

To schedule service or an opening, stop in or call our Service Line at (434) 237-5913 or email service@aquapros.com

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