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Pool Closing Updates From Aqua Pros

Learn How to Close Your Pool Correctly, Have Fun, and Save!

Aqua Pros’ staff is standing by to help you close your pool the right way and have a better opening next spring.  Every day through September 16th, we will be offering specials on winter closing products, including BioGuard Winter Kits, and offering our techniques on swimming pool closing at all four Aqua Pros locations (Salem, Bedford, Lynchburg, and Madison Heights).  On Saturdays, we'll be cooking on the Big Green Egg, so stop in and enjoy some great bar b cue while you learn how to close your pool or schedule a pool closing for as low as $150.00 (in store only offer).

Take advantage of savings on: Big Green Egg Grills, Charcoal, and accessories, Yeti Coolers and accessories (while supplies last), Broil King Gas Grills, Pizza Ovens, Soundcast outdoor speakers, and Robotic and Automatic Pool Cleaners (in and above ground pool models), and more.

While you’re in, check out our Marquis Hot Tubs.  We’ll have special financing and savings on The World’s Greatest Hot Tub.


To take advantage of great savings, you must bring the postcard you receive in the mail as one of Aqua Pros’ Preferred customers.  You must have the post card to get special savings, so if you’re and Aqua Pros customer and have not received a post card, let us know before Friday 8/21 so you may take advantage of these savings.

FREE POOL CLOSING with the Purchase of a New Safety Cover Installation.

Closing a swimming pool properly is one of the keys to the longevity of one’s pool surface and pool equipment. Pool surfaces are affected by water chemistry, and pool water should be properly “Balanced” prior to closing to prevent damage to the pool surface over the winter months.

A BioGuard Winter Kit, available at all 4 Aqua Pros Locations can prevent winter algae infestations. In most cases, normal rainfall and snow will change the pool water chemistry over the course of a season, therefore its important to balance your pool’s water (for the long winter)before closing.

Water is what we call Nature’s Solvent and has a tendency to be corrosive to pool surfaces when it is not properly buffered. Calcium at the right levels in your pool’s water is intended to prevent water from attacking the pool’s finish. Suppose there were just a bare minimum of calcium in your mesh covered pool water at closing, and over the course of the winter an abundance of rainfall filled the pool through your cover, diluting the water’s Calcium level. If by spring opening , the calcium level had dropped to a level much below that recommended , damage can occur to pool surfaces that may go unnoticed, but can shorten the pool surface’ life.

There are more possibilities for water chemistry issues to occur, so stop in to one of your nearby Aqua Pros to learn more about the best in pool care. Bring a fresh sample of your pool’s water and have it analyzed by one of our experienced professionals on our state of the art equipment. IT'S A FREE SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

To inquire or schedule a pool closing Stop in, call (434) 237-5913 or email us at service@aquapros.com

Aqua Pros stores are all stocked with everything you need for Pool Closing for all types of pools and pool care systems, including:
Chlorinated and Salt Water Pools, andBacquacil/Soft Swim (Biguanide) Treated Pools

Basic Closing Essentials for All Pools

ONLY AQUA PROS has a 21 Point Pool Closing Checklist with our NO-Freeze Guarantee.

Our Service Techs not only lower your pool's water level (at winterization), We blow the water out of your plumbing lines (inground pools only, including main drain lines when possible) to prevent winter freeze damage.

  1. Don't close too early. You put your pool in for enjoyment, so enjoy as long as you can.
  2. Call or email Aqua Pros Service now to order a new cover and schedule your closing.
  3. Continue to take good care of your pool until you close. NEVER close a green or problem pool.
  4. Bring us a water sample before we close your pool to have it properly winter balanced.

FREE POOL CLOSING with the purchase of a new safety cover installation.


Don't Close Your Pool Without Bringing in a Water Sample for Our FREE Analysis

We have everything you need to successfully put your pool into hibernation and have assurance of a happy opening next spring.

Gas Log Tune-up/Chimney Sweep

Save $40 on a gas log/stove tune up and/or a Chimney Sweep/ Inspection when combined with a Level II or Level III Pool Closing and Winter Kit purchase. Aqua Pros Service IS Certified to perform up to a Level III Chimney Inspection. We can clean, inspect, and even repair your flue or, even install a new one!

Aqua Pros has locations in Salem, Bedford, Lynchburg, and Madison Heights, Virginia and we're here to make your pool ownership a joy.

To discuss your needs or schedule a closing, stop into any of our four showrooms or call (434) 237-5913 or email service@aquapros.com