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Comment about Hot Tub Blowout Sale

August 10th,2017

Beware of out of town manufacturers bringing hot tubs and swim spas into your local area advertising a Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout.  Their claims of major brands of hot tubs and swim spas at huge discounts are completely erroneous!  The truth is that one manufacturer of lower quality, lesser featured hot tubs advertises the perception of multiple manufacturers and providing service.  The reason these products are marketed in a large venue such as a civic center is because no one will actually sell them in a bonafide hot tub dealership. 
The sales people one encounters in these events are well compensated "hired gun" professionals, that know how to close an unsuspecting and uninformed hot tub shopper.  These events cater to impulse buyers and the offers appear too good to be true because they are. 
The event sponsor claims that service is supported by local dealers, which is partially true.  I can tell you  from our personal experience as the largest hot tub & swim spa dealer and service company in Virginia, that we do service these products for the folks that bought them by mistake.  The sad part is that the manufacturer puts the buyers through all kinds of trouble before we can go do the service.
Swim Spas should never be purchased before trying them out.  I've seen folks buy from these events and again, it was regrettable for the buyers.  The swim spas are small, poor performers, delivered to the door step.  We've had to come in and pour a patio, arrange for electrical, and service the swim spas. 
Buying a hot tub or swim spa at one of these hot tub & swim spa blowouts is a huge mistake when you have such great products as Marquis Spas from a reputable company like Aqua Pros, in business since 1985.  Aqua Pros is Central and Southwest Virginia's source for the finest in Hot Tubs & Swim Spas with four locations in Amherst/Madison Heights, Lynchburg, Bedford, and Roanoke Salem, Va.  We are committed to guiding our buyers through the process.  Purchasing a hot tub or swim spa is a big deal and we help our clients find the model that's right for their needs and budget.  Aqua Pros has the largest inventory of Hot tubs in the area and from our four convenient locations, we deliver and service our clients and offer the finest in water chemistry care after the transaction.  All Aqua Pros have the finest pool and spa chemicals from BioGuard and we offer free in-store water analysis for your pool or hot tub after the purchase.

Aqua Pros will meet or beat ANY hot tub or swim spa offer on a similar model and we will not be undersold in our area!