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A reminder about heavy rainfall in our area.

In the last 24 hours we’ve had a significant amount of rainfall.  In an 18x36, 1” of rain is enough to upset the balance of your water, and more importantly can significantly dilute the sanitizer level in your pool.
Chlorinated (this includes saltwater pools) pools can be very susceptible to an algae bloom immediately following heavy rainfall.
Chloinated, Mineral Springs, and Salt Pools: Algae is always trying to grow in the pool water and algae spores can even be carried into your pool through the rain.  Therefore, its important that you test your pool’s water as soon after the rainfall as possible.  You may need to shock and at the very least, add a dose of Back-Up algae inhibitor.

SoftSwim and Bacquacil treated pools are more susceptible to water mold after heavy rain or significant water addition.  SoftSwim C levels need to be tested and increased in most cases.  As with chlorinated pools, you may need to add some sanitizer and add a dose of SoftSwim A.

Also, it may be necessary to lower the water level so that the skimmers in your pool are doing their jobs.  Don’t lower too much though!  As long as something floating on your pool’s surface is able to be pulled into the skimmer, your pool is not too full. 

If your filter is a sand filter, be sure to backwash and rinse it while your lowering the level whether it needs cleaning or not. 

Please don’t hesitate to bring a sample of your pool’s water to any of Aqua Pros location for a free, computerized water analysis and some great advice.

All of us at Aqua Pros thank you and appreciate you.