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The Dirt About Pool Cleaners

Basic pool cleaning - Attach your assembled vacuum hose, head, skim vac, and telescopic pole, and start vacuuming from the shallow end of the pool at its highest point. Some pools have a dedicated suction outlet for vacuuming. Typically, we vacuum residential pools through the skimmer. (Skimmer basket intact)

Automatic pool cleaners are designed to clean, or vacuum the pool while the pool owner occupies his time somewhere else. To our knowledge there are four types of automatic pool cleaners. Suction side, pressure side, electric, in-floor cleaning and circulation systems. Most automatic pool cleaners require the pool owner/attendant do some minor assembly and hook up in the pool. Once the cleaner has done its job, it needs to be removed, emptied of debris and put away. These cleaners are not intended to be left in the pool with swimmers present.

Suction side cleaners work off the pools standard skimmer, or dedicated cleaner line and vacuum the pool much as you manual vacuum. Debris may be found in the skimmer basket or pump basket. These cleaners do a fine job, and usually are fairly affordable.is a great suction side cleaner.

Pressure side cleaners require pressure from the pool return lines from a dedicated booster pump. Pressure side cleaners usually vacuum debris into their own debris bag, and they also “sweep” or stir up fine dirt so it eventually makes its way to a suction outlet from the pool so the debris/dirt can make its way to the pools filter. Typically these cleaners have wheels which drive them over the pools surface which can especially be a problem in the case of vinyl lined pools. Some pressure side cleaners are driven by water jet which is the most harmless way as far as vinyl lined pools are concerned since there are no drive wheels to wear a pool finish. Wheel driven pressure side cleaners also require periodic wheel/tire replacement, wheel barring replacement where the jet driven cleaners such as a Hayward Viper or Phantom do not.

Robotic Pool Cleaners.  All have similar technology such as  a drive motor which moves the cleaner around the pool while a separate vacuum motor will suck up debris into a fine micro-filter. This filter can either be a bag or look similar to an air filter. Drive motors on these cleaners can work differently. Some run continuously in one direction for a time period then reverse. That type of motor tends to keep the cleaner on the walls of the pool longer than the bottom where debris is more likely to be found.  The Hayward Tiger Shark QC Cleaner is designed  to allow the cleaner to detect slopes and reverse itself to spend more time on the bottom of the pool, allowing the cleaner to clean up to 18x36 in an hour and a half.

In floor cleaning and circulation systems such as Paramount: Because this type of automatic pool cleaner is plumbed into the pool it cleans the pool when the pump is running and is the most convenient automatic pool cleaning system. Obviously, there is no hassle of putting equipment into the pool. In floor circulation systems such as paramount return the water back to the pool through pop up heads in the pool floor. Returning water through the floor is especially advantageous if the water is heated. This system is probably the best way to go for a new installation.

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