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BioGuard True Blue Swimming Pool


All Aqua Pros' Showrooms are staffed with fully trained Pool Water Care Experts to help make your pool ownership as easy as possible.  As a BioGuard Platinum Pool & Spa dealer, we have everything you need for the proper care of your pool and/or hot tub. 

At Spring Pool Opening, 12-24 hours after your pool is up and running, bring a sample of the pool water to Aqua Pros for free, computerized analysis, and explanation how to treat your pool for the best opening ever!  Every day is Pool School at Aqua Pros and our professionals are standing by to offer any help necessary to make your pool opening experience as simple as possible.  We even have helpful Pool Opening instructions for our customers!  Aqua Pros' professionals can show you how to save money on pool and spa chemicals by using them to your best advantage.  We have simple 3 Step Programs backed up with BioGuard's TruBlue Promise and we also have the latest Salt water pool care systems and products!  We're so sure that you'll never miss a pool moment that we offer a Algae Free Guarantee!

If you’re having a problem with your swimming pool, the pool professionals at Aqua Pros are able to help you solve it.  If you want to learn how to best take care of your swimming pool (and who doesn't) and maximize the life of your swimming pool, its equipment, and pool surface, see the professionals at Aqua Pros.  For the most enjoyable pool ownership experience possible, stop in and bring a water sample when you do!

Just because Aqua Pros is a professional Pool & Hot Tub store, don't think that this means it will cost you more, we will actually show you how to save money with your pool and spa chemicals.  In addition and more important, our experts are trained to help you find a pool/spa care program that is just right for you.  There are so many things to learn about your pool that can: Make the water so much more comfortable and fresh to bathers, Increase the life/longevity of pool surfaces (vinyl liners, plaster finishes, gelcoat finishes in fiberglass pools), Increase the life of pumps, heaters, heat pumps, and other pool equipment. 

Salt Water Pools: As the area's largest BioGuard Chemical dealer, Aqua Pros has everything for the Saltwater pool.  BioGuard is the leader in Salt water pool care products, including Mineral Springs and all Aqua Pros' showrooms are fully stocked with the latest in regular and Saltwater pool care products. As a dealer for Pentair equipment, we offer the latest technology in residential and commercial automation and equipment.

Every swimming pool owner needs help with their pool one time or another and Aqua Pros is thr source for the latest in pool and spa water care and advice to ensure you never miss a moment in your pool.


Make Pool Care Easy with an Aqua Pros Chemical Plan

Once a Week Program: (Program Details):

  • Silk Smart Sticks® in the skimmer or Silk Stingy Sticks® in the skimmer or chlorinator.
  • Back Up® Add directly to the pool to prevent algae and reduce Chlorine consumption.
  • BioGuard® Smart Shock BioGuard Burn Out®, or BioGuard Burn Out 35® to oxidize organic contaminants.
  • BioGuard Optimizer Plus Add annually to prevent algae and save up to 50% on chlorine consumption.

Softswim Non Chlorine Program: (Program Details):

  • SoftSwim® A for Algae Prevention (weekly).
  • SoftSwim® B to Kill Bacteria (every 2 weeks).
  • SoftSwim® C to Oxidize Organics and Keep your clear (monthly or as needed).
  • SoftSwim S prevents trace minerals and metals in the water from inhibiting SoftSwim C from doing its job.

Mineral Springs Prorgam for the Best in Saltwater Pool Care: (Program Details):

  • Mineral Springs Renewal (weekly additions keep your pool and cell clean).
  • Mineral Springs Beginnings.
  • Mineral Springs Control Unit

Since 1986, Aqua Pros has been the source for BioGuard Pool and Spa chemicals and products.  Aqua Pros is your BioGuard Platinum dealer with four showrooms in Salem, Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg, and Madison Heights, VA.   Aqua Pros stocks the complete line of BioGuard pool and spa care products.  We offer a complimentary in-store computerized water analysis of your pool & spa water. 

If you're having a problem or you want to make sure your pool or spa is cared for in the best way possible, bring a water sample into any of our four stores for a free analysis, written explanation, and consultation from our highly trained staff of experts. 

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