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Benefits of a Traditional Sauna

There are more than a million Saunas in Finland (population 5 million) where the Sauna originates. It’s said that everyone in Finland from babies to grandparents, takes a Sauna at least once a week. A sauna is essentially, a bath from the inside out.  In the sauna, the bather sits or lies on a towel on a wooden bench. After a few moments in a preheated sauna, the bather begins to perspire profusely. This process removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from the body, along with water.

  • Step 1 in the Sauna is flushing out impurities with a good sweat.
  • Step 2 is returning moisture to the skin, by pouring water or water enhanced with oils such as eucalyptus on the stones that heat the sauna, creating a healing, cleansing steam.


The benefits of sauna have been well known for over 2000 years. In ancient times, the sauna was used primarily to restore sore, tired muscles after intense, physical strain or workout and, to cleanse the body of toxins. Heat therapy in a FinnLeo sauna increases the healing process and helps prevent lactic acid buildup, a common cause of muscle soreness. Increased blood circulation to affected areas also speeds up the healing process.


Intense sweating detoxifies the body.  A “deep” sweat from a FinnLeo sauna can cleanse the skin and pores as deep as ½”.


Sweating while in a traditional sauna cleanses the skin and old, dead skin cells are replaced (especially well with proper exfoliation), leaving the skin with a healthy glow and keeping the skin in good condition.

Traditional Sauna Improves Circulation and Promotes a Healthier Heart:

Sitting in a FinnLeo sauna at temperatures as high as 180 degrees F increases the body’s respiration rate. In your body’s natural attempt to cool itself, several things happen. In response to the high sauna temperature, circulation increases as the body pumps lower temperature blood from the internal areas of the body to the extremities. This is an attempt to cool the body.  As a result of this cooling process, heart rate increases at a rate comparable to moderate exercise. U.S. Army research shows a typical 20-30 minute sauna session burns as many as 300 calories.


This may well be the #1 benefit most folks that sauna claim to receive from regular sauna. Many insomniacs have found relief from insomnia through sauna. In this demanding world, we so often fail to get the exercise we need. At the end of a day/evening, a 20-30 minute sauna can offer relaxation AND, the benefit of increased respiration rate which can lead to deeper, more restful sleep.

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