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Expect the best in spa care from Aqua Pros.

As a BioGuard Platinum Chemical Dealer, Aqua Pros has a product that's better suited for the hot tub bather.  Our trained water chemistry expertise and product line enables us to guide each spa owner to a water care program just right for them.  Our programs include: Chlorine, Chlorine Free Soft Soak, Bromine, Salt, and Ozone.  Ozone is great with any spa care program and owner Bob Davis wouldn't have a spa without Ozone.

Aqua Pros Pools and Spas  carries SpaGuard®, which offers a full line of sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers and accessories all formulated for maximum performance and value. As a family of quality products, the products work superbly on their own or in spas which use pre-installed devices such as ozonators.

Aqua Finesse is a great addition to any Bromine or Chlorine spa care program. 

Aqua Finesse maximizes the life of the spa water and some folks have found they can maintain crystral clear spa water for over 18 months.  Spa water will also feel softer and be easier on the skin as less sanitizer is required with Aqua Finesse.  Aqua Finesse works in your spa by ridding it of Bio-film.  Bio-film is largely responsible for causing cloudy water. 

Aqua Pros provides the best in hot tub and spa care to Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Salem, Roanoke, and Bedford VA. 

If you're having a problem or you want to make sure your pool or spa is cared for in the best way possible, bring a water sample into any of our four stores for a free analysis, written explanation, and consultation from our highly trained staff of experts. 


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