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What to Look for in a Tanning Bed/Unit

Steel Frame:

If we understand that the tanning units’ frame is key to its long term durability, then it's easy to understand that the material best suited for the frame is Steel. If you think about the flexing that occurs when getting in and out of the bed, laying on it as the lamps heat up, and raising the canopy up and lowering it, a tanning unit needs a strong, steel frame. Plastic and Aluminum frames are light and  hold shipping fees down, but they're NOT well suited materials for the long term life of a tanning bed. Each of the tanning lamps is mounted and meets a receptor at each end of the unit. Aluminum and plastic frames will flex over time and allow the lamp's connection to their receptors to misallign and, ultimately not illuminate. Eventually lamps that no longer meet completely in their receptors will flicker and not light.A rigid steel frame does NOT flex as do the weaker aluminum and  plastic frames, so you don't need to be concerned with this issue. Certainly the weaker frames make the price lower, but that's not what long term owners want.

Frame Warranty:

Pro Sun Systems is LIFETIME

Weight Rating:

Tanning beds should have a published weight rating. ProSun is at 350lbs

Steel Hinges:

Pay attention to the small details. Most tanning bed manufacturers use plastic or aluminum hinges in their canopies /sections. Plastic hinges in particular, suffer from the heat cycles of a tanning unit and over time will weaken from exposure to the higher temperatures created during lamp operation. Plastic and aluminum are NOT structurally strong enough to support the heavy upper canopies of a tanning bed or the sections of an upright unit. Only steel hinges are the long term, durable choice.

Injection Molded End Caps:

Typical tanning beds are made with plastic end caps that have no structural integrity. Over time, spider cracking will get the best of them. Injection molding the end caps ads structural strength and adds years to even the heaviest used tanning units.

Electronic Ballasts:

Electronic Ballasts cause the lamps in a tanning unit to light easier and do not generate the heat magnetic ballasts do during the tanning session. Tanning lamps will last longer at temperatures of 80 degrees F or less. Electronic Ballasts are one way to extend life to the lamps.

Turbo Cooling System:

Pro Sun's Turbo cooling system is designed to pull cooler air from the room (that's why its important to keep salon rooms cooler for non-stop use) through specially designed injection molded end caps in our canopies and bases.  This cooler air moves across ballasts, wiring harnesses, and lampsand keeps these important components cooler extends their life and saves money. It's commonly believed by uneducated consumers, that cooling fans in tanning units/beds are for cooling the tanner and that's not the purpose of these fans. Commercial units are required to have cooling fans for tanner comfort but in the case of residential units, tanner cooling fans are optional. Typically, units with more cooling fans have less efficient, hotter running and cheaper, magnetic ballasts.

3 Minute Cool Down Period:

Cooling fans run for 3 minutes after the lamps have shut down to cool components AND extend life of them. This is a Pro Sun Commercial feature found in our residential units.

Easy Access Digital Timer:

Without a doubt its important to have not only a digital timer, but also have it readily accessible. All Pro Sun residential tanning units have an easy access, touchpad, digital timer accessible during a session.


Much is made of tanning lamps and Tanning lamps can be manufactured with different to perform differently. Lamp performance can contolledf by ratios of UvA/UvBoutput. Tanning lamps with higher UvB levels are going to give the tanner more rapid initial results however, they do give the "fake & bake" look in some cases.  This look is well known among experienced tanners and is generally considered undesireable.  If tanning in a unit with High UvB content lamps, its reccomended the tanner take their time and build up a good base tan slowly at first.

Lamps with a lower B level (compared to UvA) will usually take longerfor visible results initially, but give a richer, more desirable color within the first week of exposure. I always reccomend the tanner build up slowly to a 20-30 minute exposure time. I use my bed for 13 minutes 3 times a week to maintain my tan.  Occaisionally, I'll use my bed for the full 20 minute its rated if I'm looking for a relaxing nap (experienced tanners know what I'm talking about).

ProSun uses Reflector Lamps which cost more per lamp, but on the other hand require fewer lamps to get an outstanding tan. Reflector lamps have material in the underside of the lamp that increase the lamp's tanning "power" by actually returning 360 degrees of Uv light to the tanner. If you're using better lamps and don't have to have so many, there's less electrical load on the unit and electrical in general and there are obvious benefits (better lamps=fewer lamps=longer lamp life=fewer lamps to replace=lower operating cost.

Lamp Wattage:

Typical tanning units have 100 watt lamps. Pro Sun uses 110 Watt Reflector Lamps in their residential units. Not only are these lamps more powerful, they deliver more because they’re reflector lamps. They actually intensify their output at no additional electrical cost (as noted above)!

Electrical Warranty:

Pro Sun has a 2 year warranty on all electrical components.

Acrylic Curvature:

Lower priced tanning beds usually have deeper curvature in their acrylics which are uncomfortable to most tanners. In the beds that have more of a deep curvature to the acrylic, the weight of our arms and legs makes it difficult to hold them off our sides while tanning to help prevent side striping. Its far more relaxing to lay in a shallow curve bed and you don't havde to concentrate on keeping your arms off your body.

ProSun beds are designed with a minimal amount of curvature in their acrylics so you will tan better and, a tan in a Pro Sun bed is so relaxing!

Acrylic Removal:

At some point the tanning unit/bed's acrylics and reflectors need to be cleaned (both sides), and tanning lamps must be replaced. Easy acrylic removal is a must at these times and Pro Sun Tanning Units have an exclusive Click Strip Removal System with its own removal tool (attached to the unit) that makes acrylic removal fast and simple.


Those that buy a tanning unit online or off some 800 number testify time and again that it was a hassle having the bed dropped off at the curb, having to wrestle it into the house, and assemble it.  Aqua Pros offers retail store pick up of your new Pro Sun Tanning unit if you likeor, we will deliver your new tanning bed/unit to your home and assemble it for you.  Aqua Pros is also THE service center for Pro Sun tanning equipment in Central Virginia.  Our service technicians are ready in the event you need service whether its during or after the warranty period.

AQUA PROS is Central Virginia'l largest stocking dealer of Pro Sun Systems tanning units for home and salon.  We deal factory direct with Pro Sun and our volume saves you money.

For more information come into any of our 3 showrooms or contact us at: info@aquapros.com